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Bob, Diva Di



August 24th, 2006

See ya'!

Bob, Diva Di
I can't keep up... 

As much as I love to read everybody's journals, I just can't keep up.  I seldom have time on the PC any more, and now that school's back in session I know that time will be an even more precious commodity.

So I'm saying good-bye, for now, and maybe I'll see ya'll around in another few years or so!

July 31st, 2006

VERY brief post

Bob, Diva Di
Cape Cod + Vacation = Abso-bleepin'-fabulous!!!

Seriously. I was so not ready to return home. I am drawn to the sea the way some people are drawn to the stars.

I can't even begin to describe for you the things we did, saw & felt. It was the quintessential summer New England experience; autumn in New England has an entirely different quality & it, too, enraptures me.

I love my home, I love Ohio. I am happy here. But I find that I am longing for one more walk in the northern Atlantic surf, the wind whipping around me bringing the sand to cling against my wet, bare legs like an overly tired toddler seeking its mother. I am longing for one more glorious sunrise from Marconi Station, where I cast my view out to see the hauntingly stunning hues brighten on the horizon. I am longing for seafood & sunshine, for skim boarding & crabbing, for talking & sharing, for family & friends, for whales breaching & waves crashing, for restful afternoons & the laughter of innocence yet to be lost.

Maybe some day, I will return to the Cape for good. But for now, I am here. Bob begins his new job this morning & it is time for me to start my day.

I haven't caught up on what ya'll have been doing yet; it may take a while.  So please know that I'm not ignoring any body!

Have a blessed day.

July 23rd, 2006

Cape Cod ROCKS!

Bob, Diva Di

Things are looking up & Bob's not as worried as I am about our situation.  So here we are, in Eastham, in the middle cape.  First encounter beach is just around the corner & we're 1/4 mile from a private beach.

I hope you all are well & thriving & having a perfectly lovely day where you are!  I will be checking in, but not so often, so my replies to posts in your journals will likely be few & far between.  I'm thinking of you, nonetheless.

July 17th, 2006

Everyone's got their troubles...

Things will eventually get better, right?

July 12th, 2006

Missed again...

Bob, Diva Di
A very sincere & happy belated birthday to pafuts.  Not only are you a lovely, lovely lady, but also a talented artist, a loving mom & super person.  Hugs to ya'!

July 9th, 2006

Sort of right...

Bob, Diva Di
Italy:  1
France:  1

Italy wins in penalty kicks.  I wasn't surprised that they went into overtime, but some of the calls seemed off to me.  This is one time I'm happy to chant "Four more years!"

Sailing along

Bob, Diva Di
Germany:  3
Portugal:  1

DC United: 1
Columbus Crew:  0

My prediction:
Italy: 2 
France: 1 

Still just very, very busy--the details don't make for great reading, I'd imagine, and our busy-ness is probably similar to any other home-owning, working parents.

As gratified as we've been to see such really great world football being played, we thought we'd venture to the stadium to see our local boys play last night.  It was a perfect night for football--er, soccer:  a luscious breeze, succulent sunshine, comp seats low in the upper deck & exactly on midfield.   Oh, and free cookies on the pavilion, lots of inflatables to amuse Tavo, and silly, fun, freebie promo bits ('cause who doesn't need a half-dozen Gatorade lanyards?)

Freddy Adu played a mediocre game.  'Course, DC United was playing a mediocre team (which I know isn't very nice to say about our hometown heroes, but it's the truth).  The Crew made a great effort, though; they just couldn't close the deal.

I have to say, though, that I was extremely impressed w/Jacob Thomas' footwork.  He spent last year w/a German club & he was, by far, the most electrifying player to watch.

It's been an expensive few days here.  New garage doors to be installed late next week, and 16 replacement windows.  I'm still in sticker shock over that particular expenditure, but I know we'll recoup a lot of it in energy efficiency & peace of mind.

Now we're off to the store to buy better speakers for the surround, so we can catch the final World Cup game (and actually hear it at a reasonable volume).

Here's hoping you're day is lovely, whatever it is you're doing & wherever you happen to be.

July 5th, 2006

Who knew?

Bob, Diva Di
Italy:  2
Germany:  0

I didn't see that coming.  And I didn't think Brazil would lose so earlier, either, but there ya' go.  That's what makes sports so interesting.

I've been reading/re-rereading "Definitely Dead" by Charlaine Harris.  I just adore Sookie Stackhouse *S*.

July 3rd, 2006

Really busy...

Bob, Diva Di
Well, Bob is in sports hog heaven.  If it's not World Cup, then it's Tour de France, Wimbledon, baseball... and football's right around the corner.  We were all disheartened when England lost--but, wow!  Down goes Brazil!

Life in retail continues, and even though it's tiring, I enjoy it greatly.  I'm just biding my time, trying to get to the job I want, and having fun while I wait it out.

Tav's doing well in latchkey (NOT daycare, mom!), although some days are better than always.  No big plans for the holiday; maybe we'll go up to the waterpark late this afternoon.  That really depends on the weather; we had storms all night & more are expected today.  Could really wash out all of the fireworks displays around town, though.

I started a new exercise regimen this morning; the initial shock to my system still hasn't subsided *S*.  It's always a struggle, but I've got a huge incentive to help motivate me, and motivation is what always beats me into the ground.  My soon to be sister in law asked me to be a bridesmaid!

So next year, 7/7/07, my brother in law will get married and I will be a 40 year old bridesmaid.  I love that, and I'm really just very happy for John.  He couldn't have found a nicer, sweeter woman.  They really seem to complete each other.

So I'm full of happy thoughts & sports scores & it's time for a little breakfast.  And to try to find a few moments to catch up on what's been happening w/all of you!!

June 26th, 2006

I missed it!

Bob, Diva Di
Hope your birthday was very, very happy & blessed, autographedcat
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